It’s Your Job: A Guest Post from Walt Hampton

Paradoxically, in this Internet age more than ever, connection matters. Relationship matters. Service matters. And every single one of us is called to serve; to show up in the world with a servant’s heart. It is our job.Continue Reading

Fat, Dumb and Unhappy: How multitasking is killing us

It used to be the multi-tasking was a badge of honor for the ultra-busy and over-committed. Those days are fading, however, and the focus has shifted away from attempting to pull off the chaos and instead strive for sanity. The new mark of professionalism is focus, presence, and a desire for deeper understanding and committed concentration on the task at hand, and the person directly in front of us.Continue Reading

Burnt out? Running on Empty? 4 Solutions To Get Back On Track

The side benefits include better problem-solving, creativity, stress-reduction and…wait for it…productivity! Who knew?Continue Reading

The Power of Winning (and how to do more of it)

And there is something almost addictive about the feeling of winning on a big stage. Like the first time you fall in love, or the first real danger you got into…and felt alive afterward.Continue Reading

4 Things Champions Do Better Than Everyone Else

To play at the highest levels in business and life, it takes more that drive and motivation. The Championship Mindset propels the highest achievers straight to the top…and it makes the difference between good and great. We can learn A LOT from observing greatness in action.Continue Reading

The problem with your problem with Richard Sherman…and the woman who slept her way to the top

Obsession over controversy and drama is evidence of a mediocre mind. Period. And mediocre minds always gravitate toward negativity and rarely make a difference in the worldContinue Reading

Are All Signs Telling You To STOP?

How can you tell whether the “stop signs” in life are warning you to pause, or just a cleverly disguised excuse to procrastinate and give in to resistance? Here are five things to remember the next time you’re debating whether to stop altogether…Continue Reading

3 Ways To Start Your 2014 Strong

How do you prevent a “sugar high” of motivation and subsequent “crash” that almost always follows? Better yet, how to build rock-solid resolve to execute on and accomplish your goals? This is at the heart and soul of what I love about what I do as a success coach. Continue Reading

Why New Years Resolutions suck and why I don’t set goals.

“If you commit to the process over the results, success will never soften you and failure will never stop you.”Continue Reading

3 Qualities of Top-Achievers

As an international success coach and consultant, I’ve worked with organizations and individuals from all around the globe, and the three areas that I’m asked to assist with most are:Continue Reading