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How To Monetize Your Passion

In this video I answer a question I get quite a bit about business and life success: “How do I make money doing what I love?”
It’s an interesting question, and it comes down to a few things:
1. How much do you want to make?
2. How good are you at your passion?
3. Are you sure you really want to do that for a living?

There is an even better way of looking at this question, and I cover it in this short video.
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Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Far.

4 Things Champions Do Better Than Everyone Else

To play at the highest levels in business and life, it takes more that drive and motivation. The Championship Mindset propels the highest achievers straight to the top…and it makes the difference between good and great. We can learn A LOT from observing greatness in action.Continue Reading

Are All Signs Telling You To STOP?

How can you tell whether the “stop signs” in life are warning you to pause, or just a cleverly disguised excuse to procrastinate and give in to resistance? Here are five things to remember the next time you’re debating whether to stop altogether…Continue Reading

3 Ways To Start Your 2014 Strong

How do you prevent a “sugar high” of motivation and subsequent “crash” that almost always follows? Better yet, how to build rock-solid resolve to execute on and accomplish your goals? This is at the heart and soul of what I love about what I do as a success coach. Continue Reading

Why New Years Resolutions suck and why I don’t set goals.

“If you commit to the process over the results, success will never soften you and failure will never stop you.”Continue Reading

Halftime Adjustments: How To Win The Second Half Of The Year

Here’s the happy truth: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS BEFORE YOU LAUNCH. You just need to have a direction to point and the courage to get moving. Like driving in dense fog, the more you progress, the more the road in front of you reveals itself. So get clear, do some basic preparation, then GO!Continue Reading

Special Productivity and Goal-Achieving Webinar TONIGHT

Get (and stay) focused, build your structured plan to stay on track with your goals, implement the strategy to overcome procrastination and action, develop the daily routine to stay on track with your goals and learn the hidden techniques to make effective adjustments on the fly to bounce back from adversity and setbacks.Continue Reading

How to handle fear like a 6-year old

Mission Accomplishment is about feeling the fear and doing your best anyway. It is about being clear on your desired outcome, creating a plan for execution, then taking the bold action…even in the face of adversity. You ARE good enough for your dream. You deserve success, so go get it.Continue Reading

Mission Accomplishment Success Through Masterminding

Masterminding is more than ‘brainstorming’. Masterminding is the focused and collaborative sharing of ideas aimed at discovering and creating solutions. It is a powerful byproduct of the combination of the Inner Genius of two or more people; the blending of talents, ideas, passions, wisdom, experiences and Vision. Continue Reading

Dov Baron interviews JT on The Accidental Guru Radio Show

I had the honor of being featured on legendary thought leader and transformational artist Dov Baron’s show The Accidental Guru. If you’ve ever heard Dov’s show, you know what an amazing interview he makes. We had a blast, and Dov masterfully extracted some great information through his thoughtful (and challenging) questions.Continue Reading