4 Things Champions Do Better Than Everyone Else


To play at the highest levels in business and life, it takes more that drive and motivation. The Championship Mindset propels the highest achievers straight to the top…and it makes the difference between good and great. We can learn A LOT from observing greatness in action. With Super Bowl XLVII and The Winter Olympic Games coming up, we will see just how powerful a Championship Mindset can be.

Check out this news interview I did recently and learn what it takes to play like a Champion. Here are 4 essentials to establishing a Championship culture in your business and life:
1. “Always Compete”
2. Execute YOUR game plan
3. The Separation Is In The Preparation
4. One Play At A Time

Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Far.

2 Responses to 4 Things Champions Do Better Than Everyone Else

  1. Jerry Garner says:

    JT, that was a great interview. I am proud to be flying your wing on the road to success.
    Go Seahawks!