Halftime Adjustments: How To Win The Second Half Of The Year

Today marks the halfway point of 2013. In aviation, this is the point where you either turned around and go home, or go all-in to accomplish the mission. Where are you? Are you in it to win it, or simply cruising to December 31st?

The great news is that today is a chance to make a whole new start. Almost like New Year’s Day. Only this time, spare yourself the futility of airy resolutions and paper-thin promises to achieve your goals and dreams.

Get clear on what you want. Set a deadline to make it happen. Back is with PURPOSE. Then fuel it with a strategy for success. YOUR success. It’s that simple, and yet so easy to take for granted.

As a former Naval Aviator, I relied on a GPS to navigate my way to the target, and you need a GPS to navigate your way to your success, as well.

First, define success; what does that word mean to you? Then apply this formula to get there:

G= Goals; make them more than specific, measurable, attainable, etc. Make them meaningful. Make them a MUST to achieve.

P= Purpose; back your goals with PURPOSE. Why is it a must that you achieve it? And why is THAT so important? What if you accomplish that; what good with it serve to you and others? Knowing this with clarity certainty will keep you on track to your target even when the turbulence tells you to turn back.

S= Strategy; you have GOT to have a solid strategy in place in order to hit your targets and goals. I teach my clients the Flight Plan To Success method, where you start with the vision of success FIRST, then walk your away backward with the critical steps necessary to achieve the goal.

Too many people spend all of their time defining the goal. Then they pin pretty pictures to a cork board and wonder why six months later little has changed in their lives. No wonder “smart” goal-setting is anything but!

Instead break it down like this: 5-70-25. Five percent of your time energy and focus should go into defining the goal. Get “smart”, then get going; 70% of your time, energy and focus must be on the purpose, the “WHY” of the goal. This will keep you sharp and ensure you stay the course long after the inspiration dissipates. And finally, 25% of your time energy and focus must be applied to the strategy; the HOW. Let’s face it, those six-pack abs and shiny sports cars don’t magically appear from staring at pictures. They come from focused, hard work. Period.

Here’s the happy truth: YOU DON’T HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS BEFORE YOU LAUNCH. You just need to have a direction to point and the courage to get moving. Like driving in dense fog, the more you progress, the more the road in front of you reveals itself. So get clear, do some basic preparation, then GO!

Six months is plenty of time to turn this year into your best one yet. And it starts today. The actions you take today will produce the tomorrow you deserve. For better or worse. May as well make it amazing 😉

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

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