Your Inner Genius is Calling: ANSWER IT NOW

Have you ever had a great idea that you didn’t act on, only to find out someone else brought it into the world? That awesome invention, the book that teaches people something cool, or a better way of doing something that improves people’s lives; we’ve all had them, not acted on them, and they seen the manifestation of the idea on TV or in the stores and thought, “I FRIGGIN‘ THOUGHT OF THAT!”??

Frustrating, right?

Well, it gets worse.

You see, only YOU can create your Vision; only you can make that amazing idea what it truly can and should be. Even if someone rips you off or imitates your idea, no one else can create, duplicate or do it better than you.

So why is that important?

Because the world needs your Vision. The world deserves your version of those brilliant ideas. There is only one ‘you’ in the world, and the way you interface with it makes your ideas and contributions special; your Inner Genius is unique to you.

But there’s more.

The saying “an idea whose time has come” is so true; eventually, brilliance rises to the surface. It begs for a conduit to birth it into the world. So why not you? Why not let it be YOU who brings it out? It’s time to listen to your Inner Genius.

There is no nobility in humbly placing your dreams on the shelf, so get moving and share your gift with the world. Even if you’re not ‘ready’. Even if you’re not sure. Even if it seems like a silly idea, a foolish concept, or something that others may laugh at (kind of like the personal computer and cell phone were at the point of conception). Even if you fall on your face in the first few attempts, be the one who brings it to the world.

Do it today. The world is waiting, but the brilliance won’t.


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  1. Hoyt Tarski says:

    Wow, suprisingly I never knew this. Keep up with good posts.

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