The P.O.W.E.R. 5™

Staying focused and accomplishing your biggest goals isn’t rocket science, but it does require a clear vision and a simple, yet powerful, structure to get it done. Here is a simple exercise you can do daily to plan and execute your missions with precision and efficiency (do this exercise in your journal or download the worksheet below). It will also act as an excellent filtration system to help you decide if the actions you take are moving you toward results or holding you back from success. It’s called The P.O.W.E.R. 5™, and it works like this:

Step 1: Get your big goals or projects clear in your mind. What is your desired outcome?

Step 2: Prioritize 5 actions that will move you closer to accomplishing your mission and achieving your goals listed in Step 1. Do those 5 actions FIRST, or at the very least, ensure these get done before your head hits the pillow at night.


  • GOAL: Write a book
  • 5 Actions:
      1. Create an outline for your book
      2. Research plot/topic points
      3. Write 1,000 words
      4. Check email/social media
      5. Research publishing options

Now, look at your 5 actions and consider the elements of P.O.W.E.R. 5™to decide how these actions move you closer to (or hold you back from) accomplishing your mission:

P: Purpose

  • Does the action answer to the purpose of the mission/project?

Ex: Creating an outline will answer directly to the purpose of the project. Checking email, probably won’t (but might) and can wait until other actions are completed.

O: Opportunity

  • Does the action serve a current opportunity or create a new opportunity that moves the mission/project forward?

W: Win-Win-Win

  • Does the action serve you, your tribe (employees, team members, clients, audience, partners, family, etc)?

E: Enthusiasm

  • Can you get excited about the action? Can you attach excitement to an action you are less than thrilled about? If you cannot bring enthusiasm to the action, can you outsource it?

HINT: If the answer is no to all three questions, ask yourself if the step is totally necessary. IF it is, this is the time when your grit and determination will be paramount to accomplishing the mission.

R: Results

  • Does the action move you closer to the results you are striving for in the first place?

HINT: The actions you take may not lead directly to a result. For example: writing 1,000 words probably will not lead to a finished book, however that chunk is sizable and absolutely leads you to mission accomplishment!

One key point of emphasis: Not every action you take during the day will always answer to all 5 criteria. Sometimes, you may find that an activity is a win-win, but doesn’t serve a third party as much as it does the other two. You may experience difficulty in finding the enthusiasm from necessary activities.

At the very least, strive to ensure that your top 5 prioritized actions answer to the purpose of the mission, create new or satisfy existing opportunities, and move you toward your desired results. If they don’t, at the very least, answer those three then the action is likely a waste of your time.

The key is to refine your top 5 activities every day to meet as many of the 5  criteria as possible. When you do, you’ll experience more fulfillment and productivity in everything you do.

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far!


Download Your P.O.W.E.R. 5™ Worksheet Here