Mindset Coaching – Episode 1: High Altitude TV


You’ve likely heard the now-famous story of legendary basketball icon Michael Jordan and how he was cut from the high school basketball team, but do you know the full story? Listen in as JT DeBolt tells the full story and gives you the success lessons you need to accomplish your mission TODAY!

DO YOU have what it takes to ‘Be Like Mike’?

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Want better performance in business and life? ALWAYS COMPETE! And your greatest competition is that awesome person looking back at you in the mirror. Listen in as JT gives you 7 steps to creating HEALTHY competition and raising the bar every day.

Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Far!

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Focus. Clarity. Structure. Strategy. Mental toughness!

These are the qualities of today’s highest-achieving entrepreneurs, and tenets YOU can begin implementing into your daily execution right now.

Former US Naval Aviator JT DeBolt is an international success coach, inspirational speaker and award-winning author who is passionate about helping organizations and individuals define and accomplish their personal missions in business and life.

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What is the greatest gift you’ve ever recieved? What is the greatest gift you’ve ever given? Interestingly, too many amazing people have yet to receive (or give) the greatest gift of thier life. In this call, JT shares 5 steps to receiving the greatest gift in the world. Listen in and get it today!

Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Far!

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