Time: The New Currency – Episode 4: High Altitude TV

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Here’s a recap of this episode and the week that was…
Total transparency here: I’ve got voices in my head, and when I listen to them, they guide me and keep me on my path. Those voices are the Inner Genius we all have, and most high-performing entrepreneurs, athletes, and leaders listen to those voices to help them reach their peak performance daily. Sadly, too many folks ignore the voices of their Inner Genius, and if they would just plug into it, they’d unlock levels of untapped potential they never knew they had. Join me today at 10:30 am EST as I share some simple strategies with you to help YOU tune into the voices in your head that are waiting to help you accomplish your mission!

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In the early days of my entrepreneurial career, a mentor once told me that building a successful business requires efficient use of resources, and the most significant resources are held in “2 buckets”: one is for Time and the other is for Money. “And if you’re short on one, “he said, “you gotta tap into the other.”

I’ve coached a lot fo business owners on how to best utilize their resources to help their businesses fly. And whether it be time, money, equipment or people, it’s imperative that you know how to maximize each one to accomplish your missions in business (and life).

Join me today at 10:30 am EST as we discuss “the 2 buckets” and how to leverage each one every day.

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Recently, Inc. Magazine published an interestign article on how Virgin Enterprises CEO Sir Richard Branson (amongst other forward-thinking business leaders) incentivizes his employees with great pay and unlimited vacation days. UNLIMITED VACATION?!?!

There is genius in this wisdom, and some very sound reason why we, As High-Altitude People, should adopt a similar mindset in our businesses and lives.

It’s about honoring our time, instead of worshipping money. Listen in as I discuss how to make this shift and treat time and the new money.

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Performing at your peek potential in business in life is less about HOW you do anything, but WHY you do it. And ultimately your performance comes down to mindset and preparation!

On today’s call, we discuss how to make every day, every moment, every action and every breath of life count. Thank you to Casey Neistat and his awesome film “Make It Count” (which he did for Nike) for the inspiration!

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Fly High, Fly Fast, Fly Far!

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